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What is "Drive Out Suicide"???

Category: UncategorizedPublished on 2013 Sep, 17

What is "Drive Out Suicide"?

It is an exciting new suicide prevention awareness campaign spearheaded by the PA Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention Coalition.


We are excited to spread the word about suicide prevention to people across the Commonwealth. We are targeting the average person with two messages - first, that help is available for people who are considering suicide, and second, to stop suicides in PA.


Let us start by saying that if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number.


It is available 24/7, and a special line has been -established for our veterans by calling this number and pressing 1. 


Here is what the suicide prevention campaign comprises:


We are placing large window-clings on the backs of volunteer drivers' cars and dispatching them across 5 regions of Pennsylvania. Each driver will drive their car in their local areas for at least 2 weeks, going to their places of work, where they shop for groceries, the local mall... The window-cling will include the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number, a message that help is available, and a link to this blog.


We are planning to kick off the campaign on Monday, September 23 in Harrisburg. More details will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a driver, please email us at info@preventsuicidepa.org and we will be happy to get you more details.


Join us in spreading awareness of suicide prevention and help us save lives!!!

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