In Crisis? Call    1-800-273-TALK (8255)
York County

Crisis Intervention Hotline


Wellspan Crisis Intervention:

Contact Information

Cindy Richard
Suicide Prevention of York
44 S. Main St. Shrewsbury, PA 17361
Phone: 717-819-0596

County Suicide Prevention Task Force

Suicide Prevention of York addresses suicide prevention for both youth and adults, and provides suicide survivor support groups for adults and teens with trained facilitators.

Suicide Prevention of York

Address: 73 E Forrest Ave Suite 140A-B

Shrewsbury, Pa 17361

telephone: 717-451-6411

Task Force Website


County Suicide Prevention Resources

Parent education
Substance abuse prevention
Suicide Prevention Workshops
QPR Instructor

County Screening for Suicide Prevention

Cindy Richard, Certified Suicide Assessment Specialist
717-819-0586 by appointment

County Mental Health

*Inpatient psychiatric unit: York Hospital
*Outpatient mental health services for youth at risk for suicide: Pennsylvania Counseling Services, Wellspan Behavioral Health, Pennsylvania Comprehensive Behavioral Health, T. W. Ponessa Associates, Adams-Hanover Counseling Services/Crisis Intervention and Emergency Services, Catholic Charities

*School-based mental health services: Pennsylvania Counseling Services, T. W. Ponessa Associates, Pressley Ridge;Holy Spirit Hospital

Cindy Richard, suicide ideation assessment and counseling services for all ages

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Contact

Name of Chapter: AFSP South Central PA

Contact Name: Brandon Marsico

Contact Number: 717-579-8761

Contact Email:

Support Group Information

Survivors of Suicide Support Group – York

1775 East Market Street

East York, PA 17402

Contact Person : Cindy Richard


Leader Type : P/P

Meetings/Month : email for meeting schedule

Charge : NO

Newsletter : NO

Support Group Information

Suicide Survivor Group

Dover United Church of Christ
45 West Canal Street
Dover, Pennsylvania 17315

Contact Person : Cindy Richard


Meetings/Month : email for meeting schedule

Support Group Information

Suicide Survivor Group

Southern Community Services
44 South Main Street
Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania 17361

Contact Person : Cindy Richard


Meeting/Month: email for dates and times